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Released: 26th February 2001.

Caprice may not have set the charts alight with her last single "Oh Yeah" back in 1999, nor does she have the best voice in pop, but I am very impressed with this. "Once Around The Sun" is a guitar-tinged ballad about Caprice taking a year to get over her loved one (hence the title). It does take a good few listens to grow on you, and is certainly a more mature sound from her than I expected. The sweet guitar solo is one of the song's highlights.

* * * * * (Danny Lynch)

This is Caprice's follow up to her 1999 Top 20 hit "Oh Yeah". It's a much more mellow track, sweet-sounding with a very acoustic feel. I loved "Oh Yeah", and this one isn't far behind. It's not as instantaneous, but after a listen or two, it gets there. There's still a long way for her to go before becoming top stuff, but there is potential. She just needs a chance!

* * * (Phillip P)

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