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Released: 22nd August 2005.

Amerie - Touch"Touch" doesn't measure up to its predecessor, "1 Thing", which was a huge hit here and over the pond. But when a song as solid as that doesn't make No. 1, it usually taints the singer's whole career. "Touch" is a sensual, dark, oriental-sounding dance number, and although it has excellent production, something tells me that Amerie will just be remembered as the girl who had that song with all the drums. I really liked having her around as well.

* * * * (Lex)

There was a time when Amerie crowed on that she didn't need to use sex to sell, as her music speaks for itself. I wonder if she still agrees with that statement now, as we watch her gyrate and feel herself up in next to nothing, crying "Don't be afraid to touch". Unfortunately I feel Amerie has lost the appeal she once had, with her delicate vocals and breezy songs now being replaced by a new awkward sounding voice and dull production. "Touch" should secure Amerie another Top 10 placing, like most bland R&B today.

* * (SholasBoy)

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