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Released: 8th August 2005.

Craig David - All The WayThe man better known for his send up on TV show "Bo Selecta" returns after a two year absence, but is he going to be all over your radio? Well, it's not exactly amazingly different from what he was doing before, but it's definitely one of the best tracks he's ever put out. Craig David has moved away from the vocal histrionics and "All The Way" benefits greatly. The song has a subtlety not seen from Craig before and could stand tall next to any of the current R&B emanating from the USA. A true return to form.

* * * * (ollie44)

It's hard to believe just five years ago this British (then) teenager was tipped to make his garage-influenced R&B a global success. Even harder to believe? The fact that he actually did, but struck out on his sophomore release and was gone and forgotten faster than his debut went platinum. That said, Craig David's "Slicker Than Your Average" album, despite not selling anywhere its predecessor, was a slickly-produced and satisfying collection. Sadly, the same can't be said for his latest single "All The Way". With amateur-sounding, weak production, and a lifeless performance from the once-energetic singer (not to mention a 'seen it all before' party video), this has to be his ugliest musical moment so far.

* * (Muzikritik)

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