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Released: 26th February 2001.

Shaun Escoffery is the latest UK R&B talent. I don't really know that much about him, but I saw him perform at MTV's Lick Party and liked this track instantly. "Space Rider" is an 80s sounding song which is easy to sit back and relax to. Unfortunately I don't think it will enter very highly in the charts as I've only heard it played once on the radio, and apart from performing at the Lick Party, he's done very little promotion. It's a shame because "Space Rider" is a good song.

* * * * (Carrie Kidd)

Having been circulating for ages, Shaun Escoffery's "Space Rider" finally gets a UK release. This smoothly driven soul affair makes for great radio listening, with Escoffery serving up some top notch vocals. However, though it's been around for ages, it has yet to grow on me, and I can't imagine it making a real impact on the charts. The quality's there, but it's easily forgettable.

* * * (CJB)

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