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Released: 27th June 2005.

Bebel Gilberto - RemixedDaughter of Joao Gilberto, founder of Bossa Nova, Bebel Gilberto finds herself in the daunting position of continuing her family's legacy. She faces up to this challenge impressively, creating traditional Bossa Nova sounds with an electronic spin.

"Remixed" is an album that revisits and reworks all thirteen tracks from her second album, "Bebel Gilberto". The tracks are remixed by a variety of different artists from the US, the UK and Brazil.

The result is a compilation of hypnotic and soothing songs sung in both English and Portuguese. The album works well as a whole, moving seamlessly from upbeat dance tracks, such as "River Song (Grant Nelson)" to more down tempo melodies, such as "All Around (Telefon Telaviv)".

Amongst the stand out tracks are both versions of the song "Aganju", mixed respectively by Latin Project and Spiritual South. The former is an uplifting latin rhythmed chillout track whilst the latter has an original electronic feel.

With this new album Bebel Gilberto has lived up to her family name, creating an exciting and innovative second generation Bossa Nova record.

* * * * (Isabelle Ireland)

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