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Released: 4th July 2005.

The Subways - Young For EternityAfter winning the Glastonbury Unsigned Bands Award, The Subways have gone from strength to strength, with the release of "Oh Yeah", and latest single "Rock & Roll Queen" both going top 30. So what is it about the band's music that's so good?

The mellow "I Want To Hear What You've Got To Say" doesn't work too well as an opener, yet it would feel out of place anywhere else on the album.

The Oasis sound-alike "Mary", with its story-telling lyrics and a happy sing-along tune, makes an instantly loveable number. It is then followed by the title track, which gets the Subways back into their usual loud and screaming indie selves.

Debut single "Oh Yeah" is one of the highlights, with bassist Charlotte bringing a captivating element to the song due to her country sounding backing vocals.

After "With You" the album drifts off into a sea of whispery vocals and nothing lyrics, until the mesemrizing encore track "1am" kicks in 10 minutes into "Someday".

With "Young For Eternity" the Subways have made sure the music world will be keeping an eye on the band for the foreseeable future.

Best track: "Mary"

Worst track: "She Sun"

* * * * (Twixy)

I really can't see it myself. Dubbed as the next best thing, the Subways have enjoyed supporting the likes of Graham Coxon, The Von Bondies and The Datsuns and have been praised left, right and centre.

Described as "animated, fresh and energetic", I can't help feeling that what the reviews are really talking about is a young teeny-bopper style that should be likened more to McFly.

With Charlotte's blonde straightened locks flinging in the air, I'm taken back to a sixth form talent contest where a wealth of impostors have done "the Rock & Roll thing" for a day, and just about got away with it.

But the Subways have won far more than a

* * (Clare Mackie)

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