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Released: 15th August 2005.

McFly - I'll Be OKThe McFly boys haven't been away long, their last single being the Comic Relief driven "All About You" in March, but they're back with the lead single from new album "Wonderland". "I'll Be OK" has a more mature sound than past singles and has a very moving message behind it. The vocals have definitely improved and the song retains the charm of their past hits. You can't help feeling, however, that they still have so much more to give, and this isn't entirely their best work.

* * * * (ollie44)

From their new album "Wonderland", McFly show signs of burying themselves within an easy listening, feel good vibe. That may not be a bad thing per se, but it does make "I'll Be OK" sound like a watered down version of "All About You", being deficient of a strong melody.

* * (Paul Matthews)

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