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Released: 26th February 2001.

Being an Aussie, you could say I'm biased when I say this song rocks. But truth be told, it does. Reminiscent of *NSync and the Backstreet Boys, "He Don't Love You" will get your feet rockin'. Great to see boy bands such as A1, BBMak and Human Nature showing the world that Boy Power is well and truly alive. Certain to get a well deserved Top 10 debut, the UK will finally discover Human Nature.

* * * * * (Justin Robertson)

I can remember when Human Nature were first unleashed in the UK back in 1997, touted as the next big thing to come out of Australia. They were actually quite good too, emphasising their admittedly superb vocals, but success was not to be. A few years later, and they've re-invented themselves as the Australian *NSync, with a video to match. It'll probably give them the success they're after, but for all the wrong reasons.

* * (Amir)

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