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Released: 8th August 2005.

Faith Evans - MesmerizedComing out of the shadow of deceased husband The Notorious B.I.G. was never going to be an easy task for Faith Evans, especially considering how big the shadow was (!) but with her latest album she appears to have won a new legion of fans with her original and funky music. Parts of "Mesmerized" you might recognise, as it samples "Footin' It" by George Benson. The song has a very 70s feel and Faith's voice has gone all Tina Turner on us, as the sultry vocals shine on a perfect summer track. Ace!

* * * * * (ollie44)

Faith Evans has always been one of the leading female R&B stars, and while she's featured on many other artists' records, her solo stuff has never really given her a chance to shine. All that's changed this year, as her solo material finally manages to really stand out. After "Again" gave her a big hit, this smooth urban groove should continue the success.

* * * (FreakyFlyBry)

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