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Released: 26th February 2001.

Manic Street Preachers - So Why So Sad"So Why So Sad" is somewhat of a new direction for the Manics. It's a real feel-good song, sounding almost like the Beach Boys covering a Christmas carol. Although different, this will become a classic. Airplay has been strong, and this would've topped the chart, were it not for Shaggy.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

Having taken a year out after last year's chart topper "The Masses Against The Classes", the Manics return with a unique two single release. Yes, that's two different singles released on the same day. "So Why So Sad", the most played of the two, is unusual for the group with its retro 60s sound, but despite the title it has an uplifting, cheery feel. Takes a few listens to grow on you.

* * * (Amir)

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