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Released: 29th August 2005.

Big Ang feat. Siobhan - It's Over NowBig Ang hails from the Yorkshire area and is a well known DJ on the 'bassline garage' scene. This track was originally issued a few years ago utilising the original Deborah Cox vocal, and was licensed to AATW in 2003 who commissioned a re-vocal. For whatever reason the release never happened, despite a clutch of excellent mixes. Two years down the line, promotional copies were passing hands for £50, and hence we arrive here. Thanks to an excellent remix from Hardino, this track has performed well on TV, despite little support from radio. It retains the energy of the speed garage original and whips it into a funky house flavoured workout that shouts 'anthem'. Some neat touch-ups on the vocals round off a fine package. Despite the cult status of the track, it looks as if radio play will be its downfall and will only scrape the Top 30.

* * * * (Dave_2002)

Another release from the AATW label this week, not long after Inaya Day and Dancing DJs tasted reasonable success with their Top 20 hits. Big Ang continues that line with a reworking of "It's Over Now", originally by Deborah Cox, and replaced here by Siobhan Gallagher. The renewed track sounds extremely like Angel City, and though Ms Gallagher does a decent job, I could still see Lara McAllen doing a good job of it. Anyway, it's a great track that deserves to repeat the achievements of the label's recent predecessors.

* * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

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