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Released: 29th August 2005.

David Gray - The One I LoveThe wobble-headed wonder is back with another slice of middle of the road indie music. To put it simply, if you liked his other stuff, you'll like this one; if not, then avoid at all costs. I personally liked his other stuff, and this is a great return on top form if you ask me. Expect this to go Top 20 hopefully, as it's a very decent song.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

One of the many returns this week is for David Gray, who was responsible for the massive "White Ladder" album earlier this decade. Can he follow in the footsteps of that album? Admittedly he does follow the same formula, but regrettably it sounds a bit dated a good five years since the golden years of David. Still, it is a good tune, and it does have its appeal.

* * * (Tiger)

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