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Released: 29th August 2005.

Gorillaz - DareThe second single from current album "Demon Days" sees Gorillaz moving in the same direction they did on "Feel Good Inc". "Dare" combines their distinctive sound with many of the qualities that can help a song perform well in the charts - it's easy to listen to, radio-friendly and memorable. As a result, it's hard not to like the song and the band that created it.

* * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

The Gorillaz release the second cut from their "Demon Days" album, and what a track it is. They've always been known for their unique and cutting-edge songs, and this one is no different. In fact this one, dare I say it, is their best track yet, with its dark R&B/rock tinged vibe. It's a definite hit for Albarn and co.

* * * * (Tiger)

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