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Released: 5th March 2001.

Since the release of the album "It's All About The Stragglers" months ago, the first track has always grabbed my attention with it's beautiful piano chords, polished vocals and soulful swing. Therefore I was pleased to hear that it was getting a single release, though I wasn't entirely sure how well it would do. Fortunately my prayers have been answered, and "Think About Me" has been receiving tons of airplay with music fans lapping it up. Big hit and well deserved!

* * * * * (CJB)

A fifth single released from their Top 30 album "It's All About The Stragglers", which is still bouncing up and down the Top 75. "Think About Me" is a catchy, but slightly bland release, which tends to go on a bit longer than it should. It does, however, include the amazing vocal talents of Michelle Escoffery, one of the song's positive points. Overall, a song that is nothing special, but is listenable at the same time.

* * * (Matthew Jackson)

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