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Released: 22nd August 2005.

Mark Owen is finally back with the second single from his latest album "How The Mighty Fall". "Believe In The Boogie" is a catchy, upbeat, pop track showing great potential. Some may already be familiar with this, as it's taken from the soundtrack to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", but now that the hype around the former Take That star and winner of Celebrity Big Brother has died down, he's having to release material independently via his own label, Sedna. Unfortunately it looks unlikely to give him the hit he so desperately craves this time around, which is a shame really.

* * * * (SholasBoy)

Best song of the summer this. Bouncy and happy, Mark's having a little laugh at himself with the line "from the Albert Hall to the uni ball, how the mighty fall" (the title of his album). This really sounds great in the sunshine, and I especially love the Beach Boy-esque bit in the middle. Fab. Stick it in the car with the windows open, or crank it up while you listen in the garden with your ice cream. It'll make you smile.

* * * * (Georgie)

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