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Released: 22nd August 2005.

Rihanna - Pon De ReplayJay-Z may claim to have retired now, but it hasn't stopped him from bringing this new Barbados dancehall star to our attention. "Pon De Replay" has been timed perfectly with the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend, and looks to join Daddy Yankee and M.V.P. as a big track to watch at this year's celebration. Remarkably, Rihanna is still just 17, but that hasn't stopped her from recording a song about being in the club, whether it's legal or not. This is bound to be a massive dancefloor hit and has a great shot at this week's No. 1.

* * * * * (SholasBoy)

Every year there seems to be one urban track that gets everyone dancing, and this year it's Barbados native Rihanna and her debut single "Pon De Replay". This song uses a familiar-sounding beat and lyrics about putting your favourite song on repeat, which is what many people have done with this track over the summer. While this song's set to be a big hit, Rihanna will likely end up a one-hit-wonder following this.

* * * * (FreakyFlyBry)

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