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Released: 5th September 2005.

Coldplay - Fix YouWith every album release, the music critics are amazed as Coldplay just get better and better, but I don't think there'll be any topping this truly anthemic song. A ballad that's as fragile as they come to start off with, the song turns into a truly epic lighters-in-the-air anthem before dropping down back to nothing at the end (in a moment that has festival crowds pretty much taking over from Chris for the last chorus). Were it not for the millions who've bought the album, this would be the best chance Coldplay have ever had of a No. 1 single, and very deservedly so.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

"X&Y", Coldplay's multi-platinum album, proffers this as the second single. Having stormed back into public view with the release of comeback single "Speed Of Sound", the band slow things down for this ballad. However, I find the track to be quite aimless, and Chris Martin's overuse of falsetto is grating. This is a great disappointment, as someone who has never been overly keen on the band, I was expecting better things after the previous effort.

* * (ollie44)

Could this be their worst single to date? Following on from "Speed of Sound", Chris Martin and co. have chosen "Fix You" - possibly the weakest track on their fantastic 'X&Y' album - as their new single. Sure it's largely orchestrated and packed full of emotion, but it doesn't mean it has to be good. Next time lads, bring out something everyone can enjoy.

* * (Dave Kirkham)

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