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Released: 15th August 2005.

Supergrass - Road to RouenThey were young, they were free, they had teeth nice and clean, but on the "Road To Rouen", the almighty Supergrass have decided to leave their cheeky pop image behind and turn to a more mature phase.

"Road To Rouen" certainly offers variety. The opener "Tales of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)" will simply blow you away with its irresistible horn section.

It's impossible to ignore the charm of the acoustic first single, "St. Petersburg", while "Kick In The Teeth" has all the potential of a hit single, with its crunching guitars.

There's a couple of Beatlesque tracks and even a bizarre instrumental - as if you needed further proof that the band's creative juices are still flowing.

Eleven years have passed since the group first sung about being caught by the fuzz, and, as Gaz sings on "St. Petersburg", it's time to make a move on. But don't panic - the music is as much fun as it used to be.

* * * * * (Dave Kirkham)

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