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Released: 8th August 2005.

Daniel Powter - Daniel PowterSometimes an artist comes along and almost overnight you see their bubble of hype getting bigger and bigger, with no substance inside. Daniel Powter has recently made me have that vision.

"Bad Day" has been riding high in the singles charts for weeks, despite being unoriginal and so damn catchy it gets boring after 0.75 listens.

"Song 6" is therefore a nice suprise, and "Free Loop" doesn't sound too bad either. Yet the lyrical content seems fit for 15 year-olds-and-below and the whole effort, while perfectly listenable, fails to deliver any emotion.

Unless the money keeps being pumped into the synthetic exercise Daniel Powter seems to be, the bubble will burst sooner or later.

* * (Aneta Janssen)

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