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Released: 5th September 2005.

Never heard of these guys before, and why on earth anyone would take the artist name "Fishbowl" is anyone's guess. Nevertheless, the Full Intention mix of this song must be one of the most cheerful, sunny tunes released in a long time. Singer Andrew Tumi delivers a Bob Marley inspired vocal, and in fact the whole tune slightly resembles Bob Marley Vs Funkstar De Luxe's "Sun Is Shining". Nothing completely new, but still a good song.

* * * * (Saruman_78)

Under a quite new and unknown name is surprisingly the third UK release from Eye Industries - that means Michael Gray's hand is in this too. Actually, his three remixes are the main reasons for listening to the single. Well, there are some other (not as good) mixes too, but I think the best thing about this record are the vocals. They sound very chilled, and are similar in style to Bob Marley. This house track will go down well in the clubs, but I hardly think it will be getting a Top 40 position.

* * * (Jon)

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