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Released: 12th March 2001.

Alisha's Attic - Push It All AsideAlisha's Attic are back and better than ever! Sisters Karen & Shellie Poole return with a brand new single from their forthcoming album, "The House We Built". The song was written by the girls and produced by Bill Bottrell, who has also worked with Sheryl Crow, Michael Jackson and Madonna. Hopefully the single will do well in the charts, and their third album will be more successful than the last one. It's good to have some real talent around, not just manufactured pop!

* * * * * (Roy Zack)

Alisha's Attic return after a two year break with another good song. "Push It All Aside" is perhaps autobiographical, highlighting the problems of sibling rivalry. The video is hilarious, with the two of them trying to get each other back by doing increasingly annoying things to each other. Unfortunately, airplay has been very thin on the ground, so Top 20 seems unlikely.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

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