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Released: 12th September 2005.

50 Cent feat. Mobb Deep - Outta ControlFiddy Cent, the world's biggest rap star, brings out the third release from his No. 1 album "The Massacre". "Outta Control" is a whining, uninspired hip-hop mess - a boring and forgetful release which most likely will see the ghetto gangsta struggling to break the Top 20, never mind the Top 10.

* * (Jabba Dubba)

Fiddy returns with another of the signature hip-hop songs he's so famous for. It's surprising his fanbase hasn't got any smaller as the years have passed, because I personally fail to see how this track differs from "In Da Club", his biggest hit, or "Just A Lil' Bit", his latest and smallest hit. Perhaps finally the UK singles buying public will wake up and he'll miss the Top 10. Maybe then he'll be back with something more original than another "Yo **** what" anthem.

* (Tiger)

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