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Released: 12th March 2001.

One artist with his own identifying style is Beenie Man, and on his latest crack at the charts he enlists the help of "Case Of The Ex" vocalist Mya. A combination of R&B and reggae, "Girls Dem Sugar" is very different to anything you're likely to have heard. The tune is very laid back and smooth; a vibe complimented by Mya's sweet vocals on the chorus. Unfortunately I'm not a great fan of Beenie's unique take on rap and I doubt the tune will have mass appeal.

* * * (CJB)

Taken from the album "Art & Life", this song has been produced by today's hottest hip hop producers, Neptunes. And as Beenie Man claims in the song, "Neptunes makes No. 1 tunes". It features Beenie Man's familiar ragga rapping, and R&B sensation Mya is in charge of the chorus. The combination works well, and it's a change from his usual stuff.

* * * (Angela)

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