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Released: 12th September 2005.

Jem - Wish IOne of the top sensations of the year returns with another amazing track from her debut album "Finally Woken". The beauty of the rhythm and melody of "Wish I" makes it an ingenious choice for a single. It might become just another hit for Jem, but it's surely one of the best tracks to be released this year.

* * * * * (CitruZ)

Following the anthemic "They" and summer scorcher "Just A Ride", Jem Griffiths finally takes off, with her debut album "Finally Woken" being awarded the credit and success it deserves. The Welsh songstress is now on her third single, and it's another sunshine sizzler. Used as the theme tune to ITV's hit show "Celebrity Love Island", this lyrically clever track, with its 80s inspiration, sophistication and the right amount of sexiness, should see Jem making a strong bid for the Top 10.

* * * * (Jabba Dubba)

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