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Released: 12th September 2005.

Sean Paul - We Be Burnin'Leading a busy week crammed with urban and hip-hop treats, reggae master Sean Paul makes a welcome return after almost two years away. Sean hopes to match the success of his debut album "Dutty Rock" and its legendary singles with this epic comeback "We Be Burnin'", an R&B feast with its killer hooks, easy beats and fiery lyrics. Sean's husky voice will leave you wailing for more, making us ever more impatient for his new album, due out later this year.

* * * * (Jabba Dubba)

From his forthcoming "Trinity" album, Sean Paul is back with a song that is a logical next step from his "Dutty Rock" material. Strangely, his sound remains distinctive and is solidly a cut above your average rapper. It's a shame that his lyrics are so appalling though, because it really ruins the song.

* * (Paul Matthews)

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