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Released: 12th March 2001.

Hear'Say - Pure And SimpleFollowing a whirlwind of publicity surrounding the stars of Popstars (UK), the debut single from the winning five looks set to emulate the success of the TV show. However, the track won't be a hit from publicity alone because it's actually pretty darn good! With great vocals and a cool, urban sound, reminiscent of All Saints' "Never Ever", this is a fantastic track that will ensure their credibility as pop stars and not just TV celebs.

* * * * * (CJB)

Forget Westlife, this is now officially the world's most manufactured pop group. You have to admit, it's that infamous TV series that has brought these five fame. "Pure And Simple" is their first single, and it's not all that bad. The group were right when they said it doesn't sound like your average bubblegum pop (e.g. Steps), but it is still pop, and likely to appeal to a younger generation. It's catchy, and the producers picked a good release date for it. Most probably a No. 1.

* * * (Guy Pettit)

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