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Released: 11th July 2005.

Charlotte Church - Tissues And IssuesBeing under the intense media spotlight from a young age can seriously harm you and others around you, as Macauly Culkin and Drew Barrymore found out.

Charlotte Church seems to have bucked this trend, despite the occasional falling out of a nightclub, which in some way may have helped her opera-to-pop transition.

2003's collaboration with Jurgen Vries was also a step in the right direction, as "The Opera Song" reached No. 3 in the singles charts.

The mixed bag of songs that "Tissues And Issues" is, includes the sexually confident "Call My Name", the jazzy and pain-ridden "Fool No More", while "Casualty Of Love" would not seem out of place in your local salsa club.

Vocal versatility is the key here, with Church using her power pop voice on the hit singles ("Crazy Chick", "Call My Name"), as well as delivering the notes in a more subdued state ("Confessional Song", "Casualty Of Love"), and one of the album's highlights, "Let's Be Alone", featuring the operatic strains against a heavy bassline.

Predictable? Maybe. Incredible? Definitely.

* * * * * (ollie44)

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