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Released: 19th September 2005.

Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel EyesThe second UK release from Kelly Clarkson's album "Breakaway" sees the rock chick continuing the winning formula of previous hit "Since U Been Gone". A tale of heartbreak and pain, Kelly's raw and scratchy vocals do the song justice. However, you can't help but feel that it lacks that certain spark which would elevate it from being a great track to a masterpiece. Even so, this is far superior to most of the material being churned out right now by many female artists.

* * * * (ollie44)

From the surprisingly good "Breakaway" album, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson returns with what can only be described as a diluted version of "Since U Been Gone". It is a catchy, well-constructed song, but the vocals, lyrics and melody in particular just fail to emulate the power of the last single.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

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