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Released: 19th September 2005.

The nine times Grammy winner is back with another single, this time taken from her new album "Wildflower". "Good Is Good", dare I say, is up there with the best tracks Sheryl Crow churned out in the 90s, and stands high alongside such gems as "If It Makes You Happy" and "Everyday Is A Winding Road", but with the spicing of the year 2005. She may be a little past the age of many pop stars these days, but Sheryl proves she can still deliver the goods with this one.

* * * * (Tiger)

Sheryl Crow is back with "Good Is Good" from "Wildflower", her fifth album and her first since 2002's "C'mon C'mon." "Good Is Good" sees her once again writing with long-time collaborator Jeff Trott, who also co-penned "Everyday Is A Winding Road", "If It Makes You Happy" and "My Favourite Mistake". The song is... OK. It might grow on me, but right now, it's just the sort of song that's on all of Sheryl's albums - sort of morose, sort of country, sort of just there. It isn't a soaring "Soak Up The Sun" or a rocking "Steve McQueen" or a bouncy "All I Wanna Do."

* * * (Lynx)

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