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Released: 26th September 2005.

Liberty X - Song 4 LoversLiberty X return this week after a long absence from our radios with an uplifting track, and something of a departure from their normal style. Featuring Reverend Run from Run DMC, the song erupts with a gospel style chorus which can't fail to make you smile. Talent was never an issue with the Xsters, more so the material they put out which has been constantly hit and miss. However, here's hoping they score a huge hit with this track which would be thoroughly deserved.

* * * * * (ollie44)

After a well-deserved break, Liberty X have come back with an unbelievably nice sound. The harmonies and vocals on "Song 4 Lovers" really work, and it's like a breath of fresh air. Reverend Run actually gives the song something I would never have expected, and it works well too. Kevin and Kelli provide most of the vocals, but Tony, Jessica and Michelle do provide their best vocal performance yet on the incredibly lovely chorus. A wonderful and unique song.

* * * * * (musicfreek)

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