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Released: 27th March 2000.

Westlife - Fool AgainI try not to take the view that all male vocal groups sound the same, but Westlife haven't done much to dispel that idea with this song. No lead vocals for anyone but Shane, and an overall sound that made me think of some of A1's material. A pleasant enough song and a sure-fire hit, but a bit of a step backwards (something I accused 5ive of a few weeks ago!)

* * * (Janet Valentine)

Westlife's first single from their second album shows absolutely no progression from the first batch. Surprise surprise (yes, that was sarcasm), this is yet another ballad along the same lines of their previous hits. It's not bad for a ballad but surely we can only take a certain amount from one group. Take a tip from the Honeyz - go uptempo!

* * (CJB)

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