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Released: 26th September 2005.

Nickelback - PhotographNickelback have already proven themselves to be an extremely talented rock band, and "Photograph" is just another masterpiece from the highly successful group. The lyrics are meaningful and have a nostalgic feel that might bring back memories of old days. Definitely one of the year's best releases so far, and another hit in Nickelback's career.

* * * * * (CitruZ)

Nickelback had a powerful, passionate sound in their only memorable song "How You Remind Me", but that sound becomes detestable on songs like this. "Photograph" has absolutely no variation in the tune, and simply chugs in and out through the choruses and verses aimlessly. It becomes difficult to listen to, because it's so boring and yet so loud. It looks destined to fail like their last single. Anyone remember what that was called? Nope.

* * (Lex)

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