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Released: 19th March 2001.

Damage - Still Be Lovin' YouThis, the third single from the forthcoming album "Since You've Been Gone", is slick yet sincere soul. With great lead work from Jade and Coree and superb harmonies from the whole quartet, it puts beyond doubt how much the group has matured. There are two takes of the video doing the rounds - both feature a dance routine even sharper than that on the "Ghetto Romance" vid, but the version where Jade's car takes a starring role ought to raise a smile or two! Deserves to be a massive hit.

* * * * * (Janet Valentine)

Damage release their third single, "Still Be Lovin' you", from their forthcoming album "Since You've Been Gone". This track is much slower than their previous releases; a smooth ballad in contrast to the garage influenced "Rumours" and the more uptempo "Ghetto Romance". I really like this song and hope it does well in the chart.

* * * * (Carrie Kidd)

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