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Released: 17th October 2005.

Dannii Minogue & The Soul Seekerz - PerfectionOne year away, and finally the divine Dannii returns with a likely contender for a high chart position. "Perfection" is already Dannii's third bootleg, after "Who Do You Love Now" and "You Won't Forget About Me". Both those efforts were successful, so this winning formula continues to work. "Perfection" features The Soul Seekerz with their great "Turn Me Upside Down" instrumental as a backing track. Dannii is also on top form, and the result is one of the hottest dance tracks of the year. Looking forward to the forthcoming album.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

Dannii's back again after "You Won't Forget About Me" almost a year ago. She still pretends she's just like her famous sister by pursuing Kylie's trademark pop/dance style, and you wouldn't be laughed at if you thought this single was a cover of some random Kylie album track. Not a bad song by all means, but not (pardon the pun) perfection either.

* * * (Terence)

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