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Released: 26th September 2005.

There's no doubt Jo O'Meara was the voice of S Club 7, so it comes as no surprise that her debut solo single sounds like something she would have released with her old group. This is by no means a bad thing, as "What Hurts The Most" is a good pop song - a nice ballad with a strong melody, a memorable chorus and an emotional, faultless vocal performance. The production on this is somewhat more organic than what Jo did in S Club, but you can't help thinking she should take more risks if she wants to establish herself as a household name in the UK. Either way, this should give her a Top 10 hit and kick start a very promising career.

* * * * (Xevi)

If I was a teacher and Ms O'Meara my student, my report on this first effort would probably indicate something disappointing. Having been the driving force behind S Club 7 and the one with the most obvious amount of talent, Jo was wasted lip synching week after week. Having overcome personal difficulties, she returns with this song, a cover of a Bellefire album track. The vocals are nice enough, the song is nice enough, but that's it. Nothing exciting really, and Jo has shown a complete lack of originality be releasing this as her comeback single. I'll be expecting better from her in the near future.

* * * (ollie44)

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