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Released: 26th September 2005.

After spending the last few years trying to make it in the music industry, singer/songwriter Alexis Strum is finally releasing her debut album "Cocoon" next month. "Bad Haircut", the first single to be lifted from it, is an interesting preview of what we can expect from this talented lady. It's an immaculately crafted pop number featuring the most memorable verses you could imagine, and an uplifting chorus with an irresistible beat. Next to Alexis' strong and emotional vocal delivery, the lyrics are what shine the brightest. Accompanied by a beautiful piano section, this is simply outstanding. Pop music doesn't get much better than this.

* * * * * (Xevi)

Alexis Strum is a new addition to the music scene. This song has quite an airy, casual niceness to it, but it's not all good. "Bad Haircut" lacks rhythm, has boring, sugary backing and a forgettable melody. Its strong point is its interesting lyrics, which most songs don't often have. While not being strikingly bad in any way, it simply fails to stand out very much, and I doubt it will give Alexis any sort of name in pop.

* * * (Lex)

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