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Released: 3rd October 2005.

Mariah Carey - Get Your Number / Shake It OffThe revival of Ms Carey continues with this double A-Side, following the hugely successful "We Belong Together" which topped the American charts for a whopping 14 weeks. "Shake It Off" carries on where Usher left off with his "Confessions" material, showing Mariah's immense versatility as her surprisingly subtle vocals guide the song to a fitting climax. On the other side, Jermaine Dupri works his magic once more as he guests on the track, which should go down well in clubs across the country. Is there any stopping the indisputably best female vocalist in the world?

* * * * * (ollie44)

Mariah Carey's heading for a hat-trick of three consecutive Top 5 singles this week, and all from the uber-comeback "The Emancipation Of Mimi" record. Both sides of this single are again produced by Jermaine Dupri (who helmed her last two hits), and with bling bling era vids, directed by Jake Nava, could be hits on their own. "Shake It Off" is a mid-tempo R&B affair, complete with JD bounce about Mariah's need to shake off bad feelings. That song has already hit No. 2 in the States, but for my money, the flipside "Get Your Number" - a straight up and down party track featuring sexy advances from the stunning songbird - will be the star out of the two.

* * * * (Muzikritik)

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