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Released: 10th October 2005.

Friday Hill - Baby GoodbyeKenzie of Blazin' Squad 'fame' returns with his new band Friday Hill, and their debut single "Baby Goodbye". If you were a fan of his former group... you might NOT like this! Surprisingly boy band-ish, Friday Hill try to pull off a Westlife-esque track with a small rap on Kenzie's part. They do have potential, I'll give them that, but the road is long before Friday Hill will, if at all, be recognised in the music scene.

* * * (Tiger)

Oh God, no. Just when we thought we'd finally got rid of them, Blazin' Squad (well, three of the little chav scummers anyway) are back under the new moniker Friday Hill. An excruciation to listen to and to watch on TV, dropping their rapper nicknames won't change my opinion either. For everyone's sanity, please don't buy this utter dirge.

* (Alex MacGregor)

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