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Released: 10th October 2005.

Arguably the best member from Blue is back with his second solo single "Turn Your Car Around". Carrying on his apparently indie sound, this song has a classic rock band accompaniment with an interesting flute hook. I like this song a lot, but it lacks what made his debut a good choice for a single. This song is slightly blander and weaker, and I don't think it will do nearly as well in the charts.

* * * * (Lex)

After his last single "Army Of Lovers", which sounded like he was trying to rip off Damien Rice's "Cannonball", now Lee Ryan tries his hand at ripping off another credible artist - Green Day. "Turn Your Car Around", although a good song, is rather badly trying to emulate "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams". Someone tell me he can do better than this. Oh well, this is an ex-Blue member we're talking about here.

* * (Alex MacGregor)

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