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Released: 10th October 2005.

Lisa Scott-Lee - ElectricLisa Scott-Lee is back with her third solo single "Electric". It's a pretty good effort, but certainly no "Lately" or "Too Far Gone". She's said she won't release any more music if this doesn't go Top 10, and by saying that, she can pretty much kiss goodbye to her music career. The song itself is a good slice of electro-pop, but certainly could have been better. Expect this to scrape the Top 15, but miss the Top 10.

* * * (conor123)

In a desperate attempt to resurrect a flagging career since the tragic break up of Steps, Lisa Scott-Lee, with the backing of her own MTV show, insists she will quit pop music if this misses the Top 10. It's unlikely to make it, since despite being a tidy catchy pop song, it sounds a little dated.

* * (Paul Matthews)

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