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Released: 29th August 2005.

McFly - WonderlandFollowing the huge success of thier debut "Room On The Third Floor", Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry return with thier follow up, "Wonderland."

Do not judge the album by its lead single, as "I'll Be Okay" pales in comparison with the rest of the material. "Ultraviolet" marks a hot steak of great music, with its gentle introduction exploding stylishly into a rousing chorus. Following this trend, and rounding off the album, "Nothing" and "Memory Lane" also provide highlights.

"Wonderland" also contains a set of ballads, with "The Ballad Of Paul K" being the follow up single, talking about what it's like to go though mid-life crisis. "Too Close For Comfort" is the most mature song so far, as it starts off quite light, yet 30 seconds in, it falls into a dark, moody track, and one of the highlights of the album.

However, the best track is in the form of the two-part "She Falls Asleep." Part one is an orchestral introduction, which blows gently into the actual song of part two. Written and composted entirely by Tom, it showcases his vocal and songwriting talents.

Whilst it is more grown up than thier debut, it still has the brightness and fun of "Room On The Third Floor".

* * * * (Twixy)

McFly release their second album only a year after their debut, in which time they've won a Brit, performed at Live 8 and Dougie has worn nothing but a thong and a cowboy hat.

The summery pop theme of hit single "I'll Be OK" continues with "I've Got You" and "Ultraviolet", until the oddly titled "Ballad Of Paul K", a song about the pressures of being a 40-something male.

The album includes the Comic Relief single "All About You", as well as the Green-Day-sounding "I Wanna Hold You", yet the best tracks are "Too Close For Comfort" and the poignant "She Falls Asleep".

McFly's image may have matured, but you'll be relieved to know that the music is still as much fun as before.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

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