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Released: 17th October 2005.

Simply Red - SimplifiedWhat do you do when your old record label owns the rights to your most popular recordings? Record it all again. This is exactly what Mike Hucknall does on his own label offering, "Simplified". To add some new value to this greatest hits collection, all tracks are given a Latin twist. Does he get away with it?

The single promoting the album, "Perfect Love", is new material and it clearly benefits from the fact that it was written with the Latin concept in mind. The background vocals are a highlight, as is the catchy hook.

The rest of the album is a journey you might want to take only once. Dragging on, the stripped arrangements of "Fairground" are bleak and lifeless compared with the original version. "Something Got Me Started" survives the treatment a little better, however it is not a patch on the 1991 original.

Whereas the idea behind the album promises more energy and Latin flair, the result falls short in its dull form.

* * (Aneta Janssen)

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