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Released: 27th September 1999.

Sting - Brand New DayThere are records that you can always come back to. At the time most people had written him off as an 80s/early 90s pop icon, Sting delivered one of them.

At only ten songs, this album tells a story. You can sense something special is coming your way the very opening seconds of the Eastern mantra pop of "A Thousand Years".

Mesopotamic disco of "Desert Rose" catches up with another Eastern motif, this time more surging and violent, and together these two songs mark a success in Sting's quest for a world sound, which was given a somewhat clumsy start on "Mercury Falling".

On "Brand New Day" Sting does not simply return with a good album but comes back as a storyteller who never ceases to surprise you with his wit and wisdom.

* * * * * (Lynx)

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