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Released: 17th October 2005.

Love Bites - You Broke My HeartNow The Faders have faded and Girls Aloud aren't quite as loud, make way for Love Bites, with their pop/rock debut and girl power anthem "You Broke My Heart". Unfortunately, I feel this will be easily forgotten and will struggle to break the Top 30, though it deserves more and will be heavily underrated. Its notorious amount of cool pop/punk, great hooks and scorching vocals make "You Broke My Heart" worth your money.

* * * * * (Jabba Dubba)

Love Bites are an absolute catastrophe - and what's more, we saw them coming. They really are the Chernobyl of the music world. Each one is like a sugary, English version of Avril Lavigne, but lacking the qualities that make her passable as a celebrity. Their song is so unoriginal and stupid that you could be forgiven for thinking that it's a satire. Having said that, it's not even entertaining on that level. I hope this doesn't enter the charts.

* (Lex)

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