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Released: 2nd April 2001.

Bardot - PoisonThe US have Eden's Crush, the UK have Hear'Say and Australia have Bardot. Tiffany, Sophie, Sally, Belinda and Katie were created 12 months ago. This song reached No. 1 in Australia & New Zealand, and whilst it may not reach that region here, it is a worthy contender for a Top 10 hit. I love this track! Turn down the lights, raise the volume and you'll discover what I mean. If you like your R&B and want to chill out to some smooth vocals, buy Bardot.

* * * * * (Justin Robertson)

The Australian winners of the TV show "Popstars" have been wowing their home country for over a year with their sultry vocals and sexy bodies. Their first single, "Poison", can be compared to All Saints' older material, as it is a pop/R&B ditty which is very catchy from the first listen. Hear'Say wouldn't have existed without Bardot becoming a success in their own country, so back a winner and buy their single!

* * * * * (Tin Nguyen)

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