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Released: 2nd April 2001.

Emma Bunton - What Took You So Long?Here's yet another Spice solo outing. The verdict? I'm impressed! Not the average bubblegum pop you would expect from Miss Bunton. This is a very grown up guitar-influenced affair that is similar in style to many of Texas' numbers. Her sweet vocals can only make the song catchy and a definite grower. Can't wait to hear her album. It all looks extremely promising!

* * * * * (Phillip P)

Yes, another Spice Girl solo single, but this is quite a credible release. The song is a mid-tempo string-laden track, moving away from pop and into an R&B/alternative category. You can tell that Emma wants to be taken seriously, and with this she will be. A great debut solo track!

* * * * (Matt Wilson)

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