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Released: 17th October 2005.

Olav Basoski feat. Michie One - WatermanDutch producer Olav Basoski's reggae-inspired house anthem finally gets a full UK release thanks to EMI dance off-shoot, Positiva. "Waterman" originally appeared early on in 2004 on Basoski's own Rootz label, but global momentum only started to build during this year's Miami Winter Music Conference, exploding further when Fatboy Slim selected it as the opener for his much-lauded set at Glastonbury. Based around a vocal sample from Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam", the track oozes Balearic mood, and has been a firm fixture on the Ibiza terraces over the summer. To the casual listener, this is likely to polarise opinion between those that find it fun and catchy, and those that find the vocal just downright annoying.

* * * * (Cypher)

Hailing from Holland, Olav Basoski has come up with a mesmerising slice of dance that is much stronger production-wise than the usual formulaic tripe. Michie One (from Suggs' hit "Cecilia" fame) provides an adequate, but indistinct, vocal that arguably takes away from the infectiousness of the instrumental.

* * (Paul Matthews)

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