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Released: 24th October 2005.

After finding out that a bootleg mash-up, consisting of the vocals of "Skydive" by Freefall and the backing track of their very own "Bilingual" was becoming highly successful, German producer duo Cosmic Gate (Nic Chagall & Stefan Bossems) decided to release their own version. Dance diva Jan Johnston, who previously collaborated with Cosmic Gate on "Raging", was called in to do the vocals, and the track is being released under the title "I Feel Wonderful". Jan's vocals are class as always, and suit the backing track perfectly. Absolutely top tune.

* * * * * (Saruman_78)

After the smash hit "Fire Wire" and the fabulous "Exploration Of Space", Cosmic Gate seem to have disappeared for the last three years. Now they're back with a pretty faithful trance reworking of Freefall's "Skydive". Obviously it won't be a hit since dance music is being ignored by radio and TV, but it deserves to be, since it's a very euphoric tune, and Jan Johnston's voice is heavenly.

* * * * (Mykka)

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