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Released: 21st November 2005.

Anastacia - Pieces Of A DreamAnastacia is back with another fantastic single, "Pieces Of A Dream". A little similar in style to the epic "Heavy On My Heart", it starts off slow and calm but gets very angry and loud by the chorus. The rest of the song stays upbeat and the lyrics are both well written and sung. It's a great pop/rock song and much better than a lot of the stuff out there at the moment. With any luck it'll be a Top 10 hit.

* * * * * (conor123)

Tying in with the recent release of her greatest hits album, "Pieces Of A Dream" spearheads Anastacia's return to the singles chart. This is everything you'd expect from the Chicago born singer: emotionally-charged lyrics, an epic pop/rock backing, plus that unmistakable vocal performance. Although an undeniable fan-pleaser, one can't help but notice a marked lack of development in her style for so many years in the business - this could quite easily have been on her first album. Nevertheless, this is still an enjoyable, if very typical, Anastacia outing.

* * * (Cypher)

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