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Released: 2nd April 2001.

Just like the Spice Girls, TLC are doing their own thing. We've had Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes in Donell Jones and Melanie C songs, and now this. Tionne's track is quite 'friendly' compared to TLC's music; it's not a man-hating song, and will be a hit with the kids as it's taken from the new Rugrats movie soundtrack. No doubt about it, a Top 10 single is on her hands.

* * * * (JamesCarter)

The long-awaited solo career from a member of TLC has failed to spark any media attention or public excitement. "My Getaway", taken from the movie "Rugrats In Paris", is a pretty unspectacular effort. With R&B production and factors partly inspired by the film, T-Boz proves that without the other two members' voices offering some variety, her gravelly pitch is nothing special. There's nothing at all bad about this track; it just doesn't offer anything fresh or exciting.

* * * (CJB)

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